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Baggage Service

JEJU AIR is happy to offer extra care and attentive service to ensure accessibility to all of our passengers.

Carry-on Baggage

Bag(small), cloths such as coat, blanket/ coverage, small digital devices, reasonable volume of books, baby stuff (baby carriage separately), other supporting aids (separate delivery)

Only 1 baggage that the total length of 3 sides kept on the shelf or under the seat in cabin (allowable length of 3 sides at maximum : width 55cm, length 40cm, height 20cm) is under 115cm and the weight is less than 10kg can be delivered for free with a condition that the air craft keeps it and have full responsibility.

Checked Baggage

Checked Baggage refers to the baggage a passenger checks at the operator, for which a baggage tag is issued.

Please Prepare a bag with the size and the weight designated by the airline, and pack articles inside the bag in a way that prevents damages.

It may refuse when a baggage exceeds the size of checked baggage (sum of length, width and height: 203cm)

Up to 32 kg is allowed for one piece of checked baggage if additional charges are paid. The baggage that exceeds the weight allowance is required to be shipped separately.

Customs, Quarantine

Customs: You should report customs on valuables or high valued goods brought back from travel.

You should also should report in the case of having more than 10,000USD in possession.

Military Service Report: Passenger who in charge of military service should report
document to Military affairs.

Quarantine: Please check arrival and departure country’s quarantine procedure in advance.

Security Screening Departure Immigration

1. Laptop should pass separately from the bag.

2. Note that it is much more convenient to place your mobile phone, coins and other small
items within the bag to be passed.

3. Take off any outer jackets and place them in the basket.

4. Shoes and any belts should pass separately, depending on its kind.

5. When the alarm rings, do not panic, but simply move to the security guard and raise both
arms as directed by the guard for inspection.

6. Your passport and boarding pass are not required to pass through the security board.


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