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In-Flight Service

Our flight attendants will present an enjoyable moment to you.

List of Domestic In-flight Services
Call Jin Air's flight attendants, Jini! We will do our best to meet your requests at all times.

Route From/To Inflight Service
Tokyo, Sapporo, Taipei Incheon icons
Okinawa Busan icons
Fukuoka Jeju icons
Kitakyushu Incheon icons
Osaka Incheon icons
Shanghai Jeju/Yangyang icons
Xian Jeju icons
Wuxi Busan icons
Bangkok, Hong Kong Incheon icons
Clark, Da Nang, Cebu Incheon/Busan icons
Saipan, Cairns, Honolulu Incheon icons
*Drinking water is provided free of charge, but beer, liquor, snacks, and products are available for purchase with cash or card.
(Please note that bank cards, debit cards, gift cards, and hybrid cards cannot be used.) JINI Kids Meal, paid snacks and products, and other services
may not be available on some chartered flights depending on operational circumstances. If you requested a JINI Kids Meal,
only the JINI Kids Meal will be provided in place of the in-flight meal.*


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