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CEO Message

CEO Message

Welcome, Jin Air customers!

We wish you peace and happiness.

Jin Air was established in 2008, and made swift developments after its first flight in July of the same year. We have grown into the most appreciated and representative Low Cost Carrier (LCC) and were named the No. 1 LCC in terms of annual passenger share for 4 consecutive years (2013-2016) for the Gimpo - Jeju flight, which is one of our main domestic routes. We have been continuously expanding our international routes including Japan, China, and Southeast Asia, and are currently operating over 30 domestic and international routes.

By introducing medium- to large aircrafts (B777-200ER), which have never been attempted by a domestic LCC, we are the first LCC to take off on long-distance routes (Incheon - Honolulu/Incheon - Cairns) and are striving to offer various flight opportunities to our customers.

Jin Air makes safety a top priority and considers safety the most important factor in air travel. Jin Air will continue to invest in our safety, by strengthening our training and education through our safety operations. Rather than settling on existing safety systems, such as IATA Operational Safety Audit(IOSA) certification, which is an airline safety assessment program from the International Air Transport Association(IATA) and Korean Air equipment consignment. Jin Air firmly believes that growth and safety will not be compromised.

Jin Air's philosophy of doing our best to present our customers with new excitements and convenient travels will remain strong. Jin Air's flight attendants (JINI flying mates), who wear jean uniforms to match Jin Air's theme, will provide expedient and instantaneous services just like a genie in a lamp. Distinguished service, never before experienced in a domestic LCC, such as JINI Plus Seats that are wider than regular seats and JINI Play that provides in-flight Wi-Fi, will be further expanded to add more enjoyment to your flight.

Join Jin Air as we stand by our brand slogan of "Fly, Better Fly" by combining reliable safety with enjoyable service.

We hope to increase your interest and support in the future. Once again, we sincerely wish you and your family peace and happiness. Thank you.


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