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Should portable electronic devides (PED) kept with carry-on baggage during takeoff and landing?

Handheld devices such as tablets, e-Reader, MP3 players and smartphones should be held securely or stowed in the seat pocket during taxi, takeoff and landing. But laptops or bigger devices that are unable to be stowed in the seat pocket must be kept in the overhead bin or under the seat during taxi, takeoff and landing.

Can I make phone calls or send/receive text messages on board?

The use of cellular network services (voice or data) during the flight is not permitted, therefore all cellular functions must be turned off using the device’s airplane mode setting.
Phone calls for send/receiving text messages may be used upon landing as instructed by the cabin crew.

When can I use my Portable Electronic Devices(PED) on board?

Jin Air passengers are now able to use their PED during all phases of flight. Please note that the use of cellular network services (voice or data) is not permitted during the flight, therefore smartphones and any device with cellular network service must be kept in airplane mode.
The use of PED may be restricted depending on flight operations such as inclement weather. Please follow the cabin crew’s instruction at all times.

What is Portable Electronic Device (PED)?

A portable electronic device (PED) is a lightweight, electrically or battery-powered piece of equipment. These devices are typically consumer electronic devices capable of communications and data processing, such as e-readers, tablets, MP3 players, wireless keyboards, bluetooth devices and smartphones with airplane mode.

How do I check minimum passport validity per country?

Most of the countries are requiring six month or more as the passport validity.
Please check your passport again since some countries will deport the passenger if the requirement does not meet.

What is the procedure to take my pet?

After checking whether you can bring your pet into the cabin and destination country’s quarantine regulations, contact the Jin Air customer inquiry center (1600-6200) and make the booking for pet travel. You need to prepare below documents.

Can a wheelchair be transported as a checked baggage?

Jin Air transport one wheelchair or any other equipment a disabled passenger might need free of charge. Please have it ready beforehand.

Which aircraft does Jin Air use?

Jin Air is operating with Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 777-200. They have 100% digitalization, improved durability and proven safety features. They are state-of-the-art aircraft.

Can I bring food on board?

As long as it's packed well so that it doesn't bother other passengers, food are allowed. However, we encourage you to transport it as a checked baggage.

Does Jin Air provide through baggage service with other airlines?

Currently Jin Air only provides through baggage service with Korean Air.

Can a pregnant woman board the plane?

Regular pregnant passenger and pregnant passengers who don’t have any premature birth record can travel within 32 weeks of pregnancy.


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